Cancelation Policy

Policy for Products/Items returned

SWAT GROUP by supporting E-Commerce provides the capability, thru the completeness of the descriptions uploaded, to enjoy the privilege of immediate contact with the products provided thru your Computer Screen, quickly and easily.

While we are trying to cover the needs of our customers and emphasize on the benefits of the Internet, we offer the option to the customers to return any products delivered. The terms and manner to return any non-faulty products follow.

Terms and Conditions to Return Products

The date of placing the order with the date of submission of request for product return should not surpass the term of 14 calendar days.

The Package of the Product should not be broken or disfigured and be at it’s original form (factory delivery status).

Package the product in a bigger box, in order to be protected during shipment procedure.

Within the package you should include a piece of paper in which you mention the way you wish to be reimbursed (get your money back), if the product is considered appropriate to be returned.

You should send the package thru the courier services you received it, mentioning :

cc : Department of Returns.

Please note that the re-shipment expenses are being paid the customer.

We would like to inform you that, in case the product does not meet the aforementioned terms and conditions, shall be returned to the Sender who shall be burdened with the expenses.

For more information, please contact the group thru email: order@swatshop.gr