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Information concerning our products and the store/website

Our aim is to provide to all of our customers an easy and pleasant experience. Our fully educated and trained personnel, shall provide high quality services, a rich variety of products in very good prices.

SWAT GROUP : is a Business – Company developing rapidly, with a capable personnel and innovative ideas, which develops continuously with new products and make SWAT GROUP an exceptional Company distinguishing in the market.

Our aim is for our customers to purchase our products in low prices and profit from our offers.

Our website offers and the updated – new website offers to consumers a special experience to customers by any way whatsoever and with online offers and coupons.

Payments and Shipping are convenient for customers.

Our aim is for each customer to enjoy a great variety and quality of our products and to meet our new products which are unique in Greece and to profit from our offers and services.

Easy and Secure Transactions.

Reliability and Fast Delivery

Free Delivery of Products for purchase over 50 Euro


Payment on Delivery

If the customer wishes to pay on delivery, products are being delivered by a Courier Service and payment takes place on delivery.


Credit Card


If the customer owns a credit card, a Visa or a Master Card, he/she may use their card safely thru the Order Form. All payments completed by a Credit Card are completed thru the

“Alpha e-Commerce” of Alpha Bank and Secure Sockets Layer – SSL (TLS 12. – 128 BIT).

Encoding procedure is a codification information procedure which decodifies the procedure thru an appropriate key.







Deposit in Bank Account


A Customer may deposit the amount for any order in a Bank Account of SWAT GROUP. Please be advised about the exact amount of purchase plus the delivery expenses and use the Web Banking Services of “Alpha” Bank : IBAN GR120401830183002002004570.


Please inform the Accounting Department about the deposit of the amount of purchase by sending an email to order@swatshop.gr . Or you may contact us at 2122133072.




There are 2 Delivery Manners : by Courier (1 – 2 working days) or by a Courier Company (1 – 2 Working days and Receive Order from Courier Company). Delivery expenses are paid by the customer.


Delivery Expenses : Items delivered by Courier : 5.50€ (up to 2 kilos) – 7€ (for packages weighing up to 8 kilos). For every kilo of package weight : 1.5€. If the weight surpasses the aforementioned, or in case of the place of delivery is out of the city or town borders (country side areas) the delivery expenses are increasing.


ATTENTION : Delivery of Products in countryside areas (unreachable areas due to geographical site) by courier, delivery takes place Hellenic Post Office Services.

If items delivered are heavy (weight over the permissible), maybe you may prefer Post Office Services.

In such case the amount to be paid is 5 – 15 euro for each package; such delivery may not take place by direct bank payment (Payment on Delivery).


Terms and Personal Data




Limited Permission


In accordance to the terms and conditions mentioned herein, as well as, Laws and Regulations in force, SWAT GROUP provides a non-exclusive, non-negotiable, personal, limited right of access, use and presentation of the present website, as well as its content.

The present does not constitute the right to transfer the title to the website and information accompanied and is subject to the following limitations :

  • Copies of the website information should be kept, as well as, any intellectual or ownership rights and
  • You may not amend the website and its information in any way whatsoever, or reproduce such or publish such or distribute such in any way, or use the website and its details for any public or commercial aim, except if the aforementioned are permitted by the present.


Alterations – Amendments

SWAT GROUP reserves the right to alter, or amend the terms and conditions applied for the use of the Website during any term. Such changes/amendments, additions or deletions, under the terms of use, shall be enforced immediately upon their announcement, which may take place by any means, including but not limited to, the presentation of the new terms and conditions of the website.


Any and every use of the website, upon any change or amendment, shall be considered as acceptance on your part of any changes, amendments or additions, or deletions.

SWAT GROUP may terminate, change, revoke or disrupt any operation of the website, at any time whatsoever, including any availability, presentation picture or description of any product or service.


Claim Limitation

SWAT GROUP, its employees or any representatives of the Group, shall not bear any claim, under any conditions, for any following, incidental, indirect, special reimbursements or expenses or any fines, including but not limited to, loss of earnings, disruption of the business operation, loss of information or data or loss of customers, loss or property and any other third party claims appearing from and in relation to the use, copy, or presentation of the present website, or its content or any other subsidiary website, irrespective if “discoverit.gr” has been informed, was aware of or should be informed about such possibility.


Intellectual Rights (Copyright) and Trademark

The whole package of the planning/designing of website, content/word text, graphics, the selection and the regulations governing the package are owned by the SWAT GROUP and constitute the Right of Intellectual Rights © Hellas Media Services, Ltd.

Reserving any and every such right. Every word text or including the symbols TM, SM or © are trademarks or registered trademarks and are being used at present upon Permission of the respective owners.




Policy for Products/Items returned

SWAT GROUP by supporting E-Commerce provides the capability, thru the completeness of the descriptions uploaded, to enjoy the privilege of immediate contact with the products provided thru your Computer Screen, quickly and easily.

While we are trying to cover the needs of our customers and emphasize on the benefits of the Internet, we offer the option to the customers to return any products delivered. The terms and manner to return any non-faulty products follow.

Terms and Conditions to Return Products

The date of placing the order with the date of submission of request for product return should not surpass the term of 14 calendar days.

The Package of the Product should not be broken or disfigured and be at it’s original form (factory delivery status).

Package the product in a bigger box, in order to be protected during shipment procedure.

Within the package you should include a piece of paper in which you mention the way you wish to be reimbursed (get your money back), if the product is considered appropriate to be returned.

You should send the package thru the courier services you received it, mentioning :

cc : Department of Returns.

Please note that the re-shipment expenses are being paid the customer.

We would like to inform you that, in case the product does not meet the aforementioned terms and conditions, shall be returned to the Sender who shall be burdened with the expenses.

For more information, please contact the group thru email: order@swatshop.gr