SWAT SDISS, a pioneer for Greek standards, includes in its activities a very important sector, that of Training. Clearly, training is the most important parameter, in order for a modern security professional to be able to cope with the current requirements of the profession. In addition to the highest level of our staff in all areas, our complete and most modern logistical equipment, SWAT SDISS is the only Security and Education company in Greece which has its own practical training center (Campus 1800 acres). Having the ability to host (accommodation – catering) and to train with the most advanced methods and means (Kill House, Climbing Tower, Shooting Ranges, etc.) day and night, we are ranked at the top of the pyramid of the area of ​​Security and Education. The graduates of the individual educational modules of SWAT  SDISS, will hold a Vocational Training degree certified by EOPEP (Ministry of Education) which is a special tool for their subsequent professional development.

In the Practical Training Center of our group (Campus 1800 acres) educational programs are carried out with realistic scenarios under real conditions of adversity and stress (day-night), where every subject requires. Each trainee according to his  professional  requirement, will meet a new world of knowledge, skills and experiences under the guidance and care of our well-trained and certified instructors. The painstaking training, the high demands and the continuous evaluation make the graduation of each trainee a very difficult and not a given process.


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